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Custom Stainless Steel Straws

57 million plastic straws are thrown away everyday in Canada alone

customize the way you reduce plastic waste

up close straws and brush

Give your guests a wedding favour that will last a lifetime

Choose stylish

Choose affordable

Choose reusable

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 Wedding Favours 

3 silver straws same size and shape

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straws and brushes

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“Straws by Design was an amazing company to work with – the process was quick, customer service was excellent and we received a product we loved. They were very communicative and we were always up to speed on the status of our order! Thank you so much, Straws By Design!”

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Become a


Over 100 million marine animals die every year due to plastic pollution in our oceans. That is why we made it our mission to put words into actions and replace all single use plastics by creating beautiful reusable alternatives. 

White Branch

BPA Free

Cleaning a straw has never been easier with our reusable eco-friendly brush cleaners. Dishwasher safe and easy to use for all ages, our brushes keep your stainless steel straws glistening and fresh for a lifetime.

Architectural Structure

Stainless Steel

We know plastic straws are not only bad for the environment but bad for our health.

That's why our straws are made entirely from stainless steel, are non-toxic, BPA free, FDA approved and nearly impossible to break.

White Feather

Suckage on the go

Our eco-friendly velvet and linen bags, biodegradable cardboard boxes and wheat cases are the perfect solution for keeping your straws and brushes clean and ready for action at a moments notice. Just like our fully customizable straws, our packaging is ready for your creative designs, company logo, or special message.


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