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Marble Surface


Shipping typically takes 7-10 days from payment for customization of your product.  We will make every effort to ensure it arrives sooner than that.  

We use drop shipping as one of our methods of delivery. Custom fees may be required prior to taking delivery. 


We will make every effort to assist in dealing with customs to ensure that your product arrives at your destination on time. However, we do not have any control over customs, duties or taxes.


Returns and Exchanges General Policy: We will accept returns or exchanges of any product (except for the products listed below) which you are not completely happy with provided you return it to us within thirty (30) days of the date of the Shipment Confirmation, unless a longer period of time is specified in writing at the time of purchase, Order Confirmation or Shipment Confirmation, and provided it is returned to us in the same condition as when you received it.


You must include with any product return or exchange all original boxes, labels, product instructions, hang tags, tags, documents, receipts and wrappings. Any product which is returned to us damaged or which is not returned to us in the same condition as when you received it may not be accepted for return or exchange.


We are unable to accept returns or exchanges of:

  • Any used item;

  • Any product that looks abused in any way and not a manufacturing issue

  • For a wish to have different colours


You may return a product for a refund through Canada Post with arrangements by you.


If you wish to ship the product back to us through the Canada Post pick up, you will need to inform us prior to through our web form.


None of the above options will entail any additional cost to you.


You will be responsible for the cost of returning a product to us if outside of Canada Post, unless there are no other options available to you in Canada.  This will require a discussion prior to this occurring. 


Please note that if you return the goods to us at our expense other than as described above, we will be entitled to charge you for the direct cost we might incur as a result.

Processing of refunds will occur within 30 days of receiving the product.  All costs will be covered including any handling or processing fees unless the product is not returned as described above.  We will contact you if for any reason there is an issue. 

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